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5 Awesome Reasons to Go on a Safari after Isolation


I hope you learnt a thing or two on the importance of unwinding in nature after the isolation period. One of the greatest adventures you can engage in is going on a safari. I’ve been looking at my pictures from previous safaris in Tanzania and I can’t help but miss it. I miss the sunrise and sunset drives and the smell of those surroundings.

You should definitely consider a safari in your future. Why Danielle? You may ask. Well here are some awesome reasons to go on a safari after the isolation.

You get to see animals in their natural habitat

I mean sure, most of us have seen lions, leopards and giraffes in zoos but nothing compares to seeing them in their natural environment, an experience only a safari can give. The wildlife documentaries we watch during isolation just don’t cut it!

As opposed to zoos where the animals are often locked up in cages, they move freely in the wild. A safari allows you to see them hunting or grazing. It allows you to see them in their herds or prides. You will also gain so much more understanding and knowledge regarding these animals when being taken along with a guide.

Safaris allow you to support conservation

If you are passionate about wildlife and the environment then an awesome reason to go on a safari after the isolation is that you will get to support conservation. Whenever you pay to be part of one, a sum of that amount goes into conservation of the parks, thereby supporting species that are facing the risk of extinction. You also play a big role in ensuring the welfare of the rest of them.

I also like the fact that a lot of the accommodation facilities around the parks are environmentally responsible and that you can also stay with the locals in their camps.

It’s a chance to help the local people

Speaking of camps, staying in them is not only so much fun but it also allows you to fund their pay, indirectly, and local industries, directly. I have found that most of the people who work in the camps or even the lodges around are locals. You can also support them by purchasing their beautifully creatively made crafts. There are plenty to choose from in the different souvenir shops around.

The locals in some cases also sell local foods and drinks. I certainly wouldn’t mind going back to taste more of the local dishes during my safaris in the future, when we can get back out there. They will also really appreciate your investing in their businesses in the days to come as the isolation has seen them suffer some losses with the decline of tourism.

A safari provides for a change of scenery

After weeks and even months of staying indoors, another awesome reason to go on a safari is that it allows you to be in a different kind of environment. We all need it. You get to see the animals walking by, smell the grass in the savannah, along with the fresh air. When you are not outdoors, you can relax in the lodges. They are peaceful and will definitely allow you to recuperate from all the negativity that came with the spread of the COVID-19.

You can meet some new people, make friends and rediscover the world and yourself once again in the lodges or in case you choose a group safari.

It’s always a unique experience

The great thing about wild animals in their natural habitat means that I find something new in every safari I go on. The array of activities gives me a unique experience. Sometimes it’s watching the wildebeest migration while sometimes it’s the hiking opportunity. Sometimes it's rafting in the rivers while others it’s simply watching the birds. I like to hang out in the lakes and sometimes the guided walks do it for me.

If you love photography, you’ll appreciate the fact that there’s always a difference in the animals every time you see them - you cannot take the same picture twice.The landscapes are always so breathtakingly beautiful so when the animals are still in hiding you can always just take in the beauty of the vast lands you are in.

I hope these five reasons to go on a safari after isolation have you convinced. In case you have any questions, send me a message.


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