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5 best reasons why you should take a solo trip

Solo travel might seem intimidating especially if you are new to it and for good reasons. Travelling alone to a place you are unfamiliar with could raise the issue of insecurity, boredom and/or language barrier. Things no one likes to experience. However, there are so many benefits of solo travel and that’s what I’d like to fill you in on.

Here are my top five best reasons why you should take a solo trip;

Solo travelling helps you know yourself better

Travelling alone exposes you to raw experiences and situations whereby you might have to make tough decisions This is a great learning curve as it helps you learn much more about yourself while making you understand just how important it is to trust your instincts. In retrospect, these experiences help you find answers about your life’s true purpose, push you to withstand more, as you soak in life’s wonders. Remember, it is easy to get lost in group tours and you might end up missing key aspects of the travel experience but with solo travel, you’ll focus more and will be more present throughout the experience.

Solo trips allow you to get out of your comfort zone

While it’s true that you might face more challenging situations should you decide to travel alone, there’s a positive side to it. Solo trips push you to rely on yourself more, even when your patience is put to test. This is closely related to my first point above, on knowing yourself better, except it involves testing your ability. when it comes to overcoming different obstacles and facing your fears, something that will allow you to grow as a person, and a stronger one at that. Pushing yourself also leaves you with the most unique memories and greater stories to tell.

Solo travel allows you to choose your own route

If you were to travel with someone else or as part of a group, you would have to put into consideration their preferences and opinions regarding where to visit and how long to stay there. This is where another benefit of solo travel comes in. It allows you to choose your own route and see more of the fascinating sites. You select which activities you would like to participate in, attend more events in your travel destination and will generally plan your entire trip in a way that you get to benefit from it most.

Solo trips get you new valuable connections

As mentioned above, some people dismiss the idea of travelling alone for fear of boredom. However, one other benefit of solo trips is that it allows you to meet new and interesting people from different walks of life. There is so much you can learn from them and you could end up making meaningful connections that will come in handy in your career, your love-life or simply creating lifelong friendships. Travelling alone also makes it easier for you to interact with the local people as you will often need their help. Truth be told, the locals are always more interested in understanding why one would be visiting their country/region all alone. They will be more willing to engage with you and through this, you will end up making lifelong friends.

Solo travelling allows you to reconnect with yourself

Unfortunately, because of our busy day-to-day lives, we often pay too much attention to what’s going on around us and end up forgetting about ourselves. Travelling alone is, therefore, a form of self-care as it allows you to reconnect with yourself and catch up on what you’ve been ignoring. It’s interesting that sometimes we know so much about our friends, family members and even our colleagues and could talk about their exciting lives all day. However, we find that there isn’t much we can say when it comes to ourselves. Solo travel allows you to reflect quietly on your life, clear the distractions and become your own best friend.

These are my 5 best reasons why you should take a solo trip, but there is so much more to consider. Bear in mind that with the social distancing guidelines, this is probably the best option for you, as you can take care of yourself better while you avoid all the interactions that come with group tours.

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