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5 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Beautiful Zanzibar

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Zanzibar is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the world as I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts. It’s endowed with beautiful sandy beaches and the vast Indian Ocean waters. Being a popular island, there’s a lot you can do there.

If you’re considering a trip to Zanzibar, here are five exciting activities I would highly recommend:

Take a trip to Jozani Forest

A trip to Zanzibar is made more exciting with a visit to Jozani Forest, the last truly indigenous forest on the island. It’s located on the inland side from the Chwaka Bay area that experiences a lot of floods. These floods nurture this unique swamp forest, that is home to ferns, palms, mangroves and more amazing trees. You can easily get to this forest via bus ride or a taxi. You can also plan your excursion there as part of an organised tour.

Spend a day in Stone Town

We cannot mention the beautiful Zanzibar island without bringing up the Stone Town. It’s a beautiful blend of ancient Arabic-style buildings and winding alleys. One of the most exciting activities to enjoy in beautiful Zanzibar is exploring and getting lost in the town’s splendour. Take a trip to this amazing Stone Town and soak up some of the rich culture while you taste the delicious food and sip on some of the island’s most popular tropical drinks. Learn as much as possible while you wander around discovering the rich little spots as you go.

Bask under the sun at Nungwi Beach

One of the reasons we make trips to the coastal towns is to get a nice tan while sunbathing. My list of exciting activities to enjoy in beautiful Zanzibar, therefore, cannot exclude this. How about you soak up the sun at Nungwi Beach? Nungwi is a village located on the North West tip of the island. Despite being very popular, it’s not overpopulated by tourists. You’ll also love the fact that the tide doesn’t go too far making it a great beach for those who are just after a great time lying under the sun, enjoying all-day water activities or simply dipping their toes into the clear waters.

Enjoy local food at Forodhani Gardens Market

Another exciting activity in Zanzibar Island is taking a culinary trip with the coastal favourites at Forodhani Market. It’s a unique night-time market known for its mouthwatering food and amazing local produce. The grilled fish, vegetables and meat will definitely leave you wanting more. The seafood options at the Forodhani Gardens market are the most popular and fish is served alongside samosas, potato balls and naan bread. A must-try.

Visit the Prison Island

If you’re into history then you’ll definitely be excited to visit Zanzibar’s Prison Island. There, you will be fascinated by the stories of its slightly dark past. This land was previously used as a place for detaining slaves until slavery was eventually abolished. It was also used as a camp where those who were suffering from deadly diseases were sent for isolation. Fortunately, the island is a nature reserve today with lots of giant tortoises and a great place to see the old prison ruins.

These are just 5 exciting activities to enjoy while in beautiful Zanzibar among many others. Add them to your bucket list and you are guaranteed a fulfilling holiday. Your trip there will be worth every minute of it!.

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