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5 Great Reasons to Use a Travel Agent for Your Adventures

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Travel restrictions have been lifted in a number of places which is great news for the adventurous souls like me out there. You know what that means, time for us to start planning our next trips.

While we’re happy that things are starting to look up, you might find it challenging to plan out your next travel adventure especially with the many guidelines that have now been put in place, understandably because of the pandemic. However, a tour operator or travel agent can help you navigate this so that you get to travel to your dream destinations without the hassle.

Here are 5 great reasons to use a travel agent for your next travel adventure

1. A travel agent saves you time and energy

Normally, the process of organizing a trip to different destinations takes up so much time especially if you don’t have too much knowledge of the place. It also involves a lot of suppliers for example airlines, restaurants, motor coach services, among many others.

However, a travel agent can significantly save you the time and energy you would have otherwise used on researching and making a number of calls as they have the right amount of knowledge of the various destinations. In case there’s something more that they are not aware of, they can easily find out since they have the relevant contacts to get you that information faster. Sometimes, this destination knowledge comes from their experience at the actual place you would like to visit which means you get even better information.

2. Travel agents will ensure your safety at the destinations

Safety is a major concern, especially now with a pandemic that’s hit the entire globe. You might have the desire to take a trip but do not know if your particular area of interest is a hot spot for COVID-19 or not, something your travel agent can help you find out. They can easily get more inside information on the safety protocols in certain areas such as hotels, museums and the likes to ensure you’re safe should you travel there.

They also make sure you’re in an area with adequate security from animals, hostile communities and most of all criminals. Travel agents will also make sure you travel insured just in case someone gets hurt during your trip or if your property gets damaged because of misrepresentation.

3. You save on costs with a travel agent

It’s common for people to think that planning a trip by themselves saves them a considerable amount that they would have otherwise spent on paying an agency. However, while they do add a commission to the overall cost of the trip, this is not necessarily the case.

Another reason to use a travel agent, therefore, is that it could mean you’ll be getting the best deals in terms of accommodation and access to certain areas. The relationships they have established in their years of experience gives them better bargaining power and access to special discounts. You will end up enjoying your trip more for less thanks to this.

You can even go further and use a travel agent that specializes in budget travel as they use the same backpacker accommodation facilities and public transport options you’re open to but will be better placed to know which ones are safe despite the low costs.

4. They have multiple destination itineraries

In case you would like to visit more than one destination planning your adventure will have another layer of complexity. To ensure you still enjoy your adventure seamlessly whether at a beach destination or in the wild, a travel agent can plan it all for you because they have access to a lot of itineraries for different destinations. They will make sure you use your time at a destination wisely so that you experience the best of the place and avoid pitfalls altogether.

5. Travel agents ensure any special needs are met

Sometimes, different travelers have special needs whether health-related or in terms of personal preferences. In a case where the special needs are health-related, any mishandling could be detrimental as it could bring health complications. In a case where the special needs have something to do with your personal preferences, failure to meet them could lead to dissatisfaction.

Another reason to use a travel agent, therefore, is that they ensure your special needs are handled flawlessly so that you enjoy your travel adventure to the fullest.

I hope you’re convinced by these five among many great reasons to use a travel agent for your next travel adventure. They’re easy to find.

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