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5 Must-Visit Tanzania National Parks on your Next Trip

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Tanzania is undoubtedly a beautiful country with a variety of attractions ranging from beautiful beaches to amazing cultures, great spices and cuisines. One of the things I love to do when in Tanzania is to visit a few of the many national parks that have a wealth of wildlife, bird and plant species. There is also something about being in the African savannahs that makes me enjoy every single visit to the parks.

Having visited a number of them, I thought I’d share five must-visit Tanzania national parks on your next trip. They include:

1. The Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is easily the most famous national park in Tanzania, understandably because alongside the Mara in Kenya, it is home to the wildebeest migration; a wonder of the world. It is a fascinating national park that has a wealth of birds and animals. It is an ecosystem that presents plants and other creatures in a wide variety. It is definitely a must-visit Tanzania national park in case you are into uniqueness and if you would like to see one of the wonders of the world, that is the wildebeest migration. The experience is unforgettable, definitely one for the books.

2. The Ngorongoro Conservation Crater

Another one that easily makes it on our list of must-visit national parks in beautiful Tanzania is the Ngorongoro Conservation Crater. It is a park in which nature remains free and authentic and in it you can find the most unique and exotic species of both plants and animals. The famous Big 5 animals of Africa can be found there and if you’ve heard of the endangered black rhino and are interested in seeing it, then the Ngorongoro Conservation Crater is the place for you to visit. You get to enjoy yourself regardless of the time of year you choose to visit and can learn a bit more about the Maasai culture.

3. Lake Manyara National Park

Although quite small in size, Lake Manyara National Park is another must-visit should you find yourself in Tanzania. It has about 11 ecosystems in it and the wildlife is vast and varied. Most of the park is actually covered by Lake Manyara itself and the park gives a different scenery from the African Savannas which is characteristic of many other parks in the country. The biggest attraction in the park is perhaps the tree-climbing lions although they are not very easy to spot. While in the park, you can also spot hundreds of elephants. If you are a bird-watcher then this park offers an opportunity to engage in bird watching owing to the different species available.

4. Kilimanjaro National Park

Every year, thousands of tourists make their way to the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park understandably because it is home to Mount Kilimanjaro. When you find yourself there you will be amazed by the mountain’s beauty and unmatched magnificence. Being the highest mountain in Africa, it is a stunning spectacle that makes for a great trek. Many love the experience of climbing the mountain and on your way to the top, you will come across some sloping lowlands, alpine areas and farmlands. The best part is you do not necessarily have to be a professional when it comes to mountain climbing; first time climbers are also encouraged to join in the fun. Although it is mostly known for the mountain, numerous mammals, mostly endangered species live inside the park including elephants, buffalos and antelopes.

5. Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park is famous for its annual elephant migration. It is also quite the spectacle with over 3,000 of them moving but there is much more to this park than just that. The park has four of the famous Big 5 animals that you can get a glimpse of easily with the help of a guide. The guides are very familiar with the animals’ behavior and will always ensure you get to see everything you took to the park to see in the first place regardless of the time of year. It is also home to baobab trees and other endangered plant species.

I hope you’ve added these five must-visit Tanzania national parks to your travel bucket list. Remember, it is always worth creating one and be sure to plan ahead so that you start checking the destinations on your list as soon as you can.

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