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Benefits of unwinding in nature after the isolation period

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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I hope you enjoyed the last read on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tanzania and are considering them as travel destinations after this long isolation period is finally behind us. Speaking of self quarantine, how are you doing as far as it’s concerned?

Being a travel enthusiast, it’s not the easiest time for me. I’m having a hard time not being able to do what I love most - being outdoors and seeing the world. While we do have to stay home, the benefits of nature to humans cannot be downplayed.

It is therefore important that we find some time to unwind in a different kind of environment. I thought I’d share with you the benefits of unwinding in nature, and some things to look forward to after the long isolation period below.

It reduces stress

It’s easy to get lost in the worry, being stuck in the house and receiving news all day of increasing cases of COVID-19. However, unwinding in nature after the long isolation hours can help relieve the stress that comes with this. Immersing yourself in the natural environment around you helps change how your nervous and immune systems work.

It will be great to travel to areas where we can immerse ourselves in the wild when the virus is under control. I look forward to taking hikes to forget the stress. I can’t wait to relax in beaches, such as those in Zanzibar, that allow me to smell the fragrance of the ocean again. However, for now, simple activities like taking a walk for a few minutes in your area, gardening, doing yoga outside your house or even watching the sunset can help you be at one with nature even if just for a few minutes.

It helps your body function more efficiently

Staying indoors for long hours means we are sunshine deprived. As such, we end up not getting as much vitamin D as is needed by our bodies, which is unhealthy.

Vitamin D from the sun is responsible for your bone health as well as dental health, but did you know it can also keep you in a good mood? Stepping out into nature for a few minutes to get some sun goes a long way in keeping me sane. It helps my body maintain its proper functioning.

Nature soothes

A lot of people have had to deal with the pain of watching their loved ones get sick or even succumbing to the virus. We all unfortunately have to watch this on our screens too. The long hours indoors during such times can worsen the frustration. Relaxing in nature is therefore a good way to cope as it helps distract us from any pain or discomfort. We are genetically programmed to find natural scenes such as large water bodies and plants incredible and engrossing anyway.

When time has passed and the world gets back to normalcy, plan a getaway. Visit scenic sites such as Mount Kilimanjaro and get lost in its beauty. The uniqueness of places such as the Ngorongoro crater which is the only remaining inactive and intact volcanic caldera in the world, along with many other sites, will surely help you get away from it all.

Relaxing in nature helps connect and reconnect

haven’t been able to see any friends or extended family members during this isolation period. I’m sure you can relate. This brings me to another benefit of nature to humans - it helps us connect and reconnect with each other and the entire world.

Consider going camping with your family or friends when this is all behind us. Have a picnic with them among the flora and fauna. You can start putting ideas down for your future travels to places where you can savor beautiful scenery. Those with unique activities such as stargazing or even horseback riding while watching the wildlife are just a few examples. This will provide an opportunity for you to bond with them, catch up and create new memories as your minds take a break from the frustration of long isolation.

Unwinding in nature helps you centre your mind and recharge

Breathing in the freshness of the air, while wandering in the wilderness, or feeling the sand between my toes usually helps me accomplish that during my travels. You should try it too. It makes me feel at peace and allows me to prepare for the tasks ahead. This will come in handy when the time comes for us to go back to our normal activities. We’ll surely need a good break before we transition into the next phase of life.

I hope you found these five benefits of unwinding in nature after the long isolation hours helpful. Nature truly is magical. It awakens, restores and brings about that feeling of rejuvenation that we all need.

For now, let’s stay safe and find simple ways of connecting with the natural environment until we move onwards to slightly more adventurous days ahead.


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