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How to Celebrate Easter Indoors While Social Distancing

Easter is here. It’s normally a time family and friends come together to celebrate. It’s a time to take a break from work and engage in different fun activities. I love Easter vacation. Maybe for you it’s a time to go out partying among other things. After all, it is quite the long break. However, if you feel like 2020’s Easter won’t be the same, you’re not alone.

Due to the increasing health concerns owing to the COVID-19 disease, we are required to stay indoors and observe social distancing. You might be wondering how to celebrate Easter indoors. Well, worry not. Fortunately, there are things you can do to celebrate without leaving your home. I have a few ideas below.

1. Cook and enjoy a traditional meal

First, nothing beats a nice home-cooked meal during holidays. So how about preparing one. This is something we all look forward to come Easter time and that does not have to change. The beauty of a traditional meal is that it is all prepared indoors and you can do it as a family.

You just need to keep in mind that while it might be tempting to invite people over, you simply cannot. Cooking is a great way for parents and their kids to bond. So take advantage and just enjoy each other’s company as a family. While you are at it, bake some treats too, such as cupcakes and biscuits - decorate and eat them.

2. Decorate some Easter eggs

Was it even Easter if you did not decorate an Easter egg? This is another normal Easter activity that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It’s so much fun especially for kids and the colouring process always brings the family together. Thankfully, COVID-19 does not have to stand in the way of this.

All you need to do is lay down some paper to protect your surface from the colouring. After that, boil some eggs, get your art material and get to work. For the coloring, you don’t have to use real dye. Even food color, which is almost always in our houses, will do. Have fun with the crayons, markers and whatever else you are using. Believe me, it will feel like a normal Easter for a while.

3. Play some fun Easter games

You are never too old to enjoy a good game. Outdoor ones are usually great, however, as I already mentioned, we need to celebrate Easter indoors while social distancing. So how do we achieve that?

The normal board games are fun but how about trying something more Easter related. Go on an egg hunt for example. Everyone in the house can participate. You just all have to close your eyes and let one person hide the eggs. I know normally this traditional Easter game is done in the yard because of space, but there are a lot of places one can hide eggs inside your house. Once they are all hidden, everyone can hunt. Should you find one, it’s placed in your finder’s basket. It’s a game that will kill time and keep the spirit of the season up.

4. Watch a great movie and listen to some great music

You can’t possibly think of how to celebrate Easter indoors and leave out movie-watching and a good playlist. Entertainment is key. I can imagine that after so many years of celebrating the holiday, you have a collection of classic Easter movies. Pick out your family favorites and get everyone to watch them again. If you do not have some, you can always download them online. Remember, even while social distancing, the internet doesn’t sleep

Music is food for the soul. So get an Easter playlist you can all listen to. You can incorporate some dancing too and even act out the lyrics. Make sure no one is left out of the activity.

5. Stream a service

It's a normal tradition to go to church on Sunday during the Easter weekend for Christians. I know it is strange knowing we cannot do that because of the social distancing order. I also understand that to some, it will not feel like Easter without a sermon. The good news, however, is that a lot of churches are now streaming services online owing to the COVID-19 situation.

All you need to have is internet access. If your church is not offering this, who said you can’t stream a service from another church? So cheer up because you will still get your normal Easter sermon - and hey, take advantage of an Easter sermon in your pajamas!

My list of how to celebrate Easter indoors while social distancing keeps getting longer. I actually keep thinking of many more activities like doing an Easter-themed photo booth so that your family can take pictures to remember how you celebrated this year. However, I hope these five ideas have you excited.

Remember, if you miss having people over, you can always take advantage of Skype, facetime or a phone call to talk to them. That way, you can update each other on what you are doing to celebrate.

Have a great Easter Holiday.


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