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Zanzibar’s Must-Have Spices on your Next Trip


I hope you found our last read on debunking the myths and misconceptions about Africa enlightening. Today, I’ll be talking about Zanzibar’s must-have spices on your next trip.

Zanzibar is perhaps East Africa’s most famous island. Aside from the beautiful beaches, it is known for some amazing spices that exist in variety; exotic aromas and herbal medicine. While in Zanzibar, you can go on a spice farm tour during which you can get a taste of the different seeds and berries that form part of the great cuisines Zanzibar is famous for. Here’s an idea of the spices to try.

1. Ginger

The first on my list of favourite spices is ginger, an interesting spice with a strong smell. It has a sweet taste but also contains that strong spicy kick that makes everything better in your food, juice or smoothie when added. It can also be medicinal when chewed in small quantities, relieving any sore joints and also helps in cases of indigestion or stomach upset.

2. Saffron

Saffron might just be one of the most expensive spices that exist. It is a spice so full of flavor and comes with a list of health benefits that include reducing inflammation and helping with one’s digestion. Saffron is also great for skincare enthusiasts or anyone who is keen on clearing acne and blemishes. It is also known to brighten dull skin leaving you with that desired healthy glow.

3. Paprika

This is a bright red spice that is a must-try should you find yourself in Zanzibar. Although it is mostly used for garnishing, it has a light spicy flavour helping to accentuate any flavours within your dish. It goes well with a host of dishes. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are known to prevent certain chronic conditions including various cancers. It is a spice rich in vitamin A for stronger bones and great eyesight.

4. Cinnamon

Another one of Zanzibar’s must-have spices on your next trip is cinnamon in its original, organic form. Aside from acting as a sweetener in food and beverages, it is known to help in lowering one’s blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It is a healthy spice known for stimulating appetite as well as aiding in the treatment of bowel problems.

5. Cardamom

This spice is most popular when it comes to Indian cuisine and is rich in flavor. Even better, cardamom aids in treatment of an array of conditions including digestive problems and ulcers, the flu, or a cold. It’s also great when you’re experiencing hiccups and in detoxifying kidneys. It is widely available on Zanzibar’s spice farms especially because it is considered a natural medicine by a number of cultures.

6. Cloves

Zanzibar used to be the most famous exporter of cloves in the world. Although that position is currently held by Indonesia, this spice remains a must-have while in Zanzibar. It is often referred to as the King of Spices. Cloves contain oil known as eugenol which is a great food preservative. This spice also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties making it very healthy.

These are just six among the many Zanzibar must-have spices on your next trip there once isolation is over. I would highly recommend them as well as others like black pepper, curry, turmeric, vanilla, bush mint, nutmeg and mace. The list is endless but what makes these spices great aside from their rich flavor, is their medicinal properties. They go a long way in both prevention and cure.

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